The International Beatleweek Festival : Presents G-Pluck

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International Beatleweek Festival adalah event tahunan yang sangat bergengsi di kalangan pecinta Beatles di seluruh dunia dan selalu dirayakan di seluruh kota Liverpool tiap tahunnya. Tahun ini G-Pluck mendapat kehormatan untuk dapat kembali tampil di Festival bergengsi ini setelah sebelumnya diundang tampil pada tahun 2008. Mari harumkan musik Indonesia dikancah international dengan Bersama-sama melakukan patungan online di untuk mewujudkan penampilan G-Pluck di The International Beatleweek Festival

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Genuine Pluck loves to play the Beatles or G-Pluck Band Beatles or Jiplak Bitels Band are determined to apply The Beatles persona to the original The Beatles performance in their gait to play Beatles songs and music on stage. In their rendition of the Beatles songs they are consistently use the original keys (without transposition), using "the authentic original instruments" like those used by The Beatles (guitar, bass drum amps, etc), and live with their slick they play a tone in accordance with the arrangements and of course they use and dressy "the authentic original attributes" like the Beatles at that time (hair style, clothing, shoes, etc.)

G-Pluck adalah satu-satunya Band Tribute Beatles di Indonesia yang semua gearnya lengkap sama dengan The Beatles. G-Pluck membuat kostum di tempat Beatles membuat kostumnya, G-Pluck mempunyai equipment mulai dari gitar, bass sampai ampli sama dengan yang digunakan The Beatles.


G-Pluck Band Beatles are one of the many bands that commemorate the Beatles in a musical in the form of 'special live performance' in the world, and Internationally acclaimed as one and only an Indonesian Professional Beatles Tribute Band . At first they were formed in early 2000, and after going through the process of forging and maturation in some period of time they began to conduct some performances up till now they exist exclusively in many stage all around the country in various clubs, cafe's and local events , private parties and public, special beatles tribute show for communities of the Beatles and the general public, local and international expatriate community, inside and outside the country.

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