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Senloeyparty - Chanyeol's 27th Birthday Event

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30 Nov 2019


Miss Qi, Jakarta Selatan

나는 놀려고 일해 I work to play Chanyeol's 27th Birthday Event in Jakarta 18+ event only

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Many idol birthday events have been held here in Jakarta, and this time, we, the team behind SENLOEYPARTY, made a decision to hold a birthday event for Chanyeol's birthday, that is focused more on the party itself. Partly inspired by Jakartan night life in Senopati street, the party is finally named SENLOEYPARTY, a play word from SENOPATI and LOEY⁠—Chanyeol's producer name.

Other reason why the birthday party concept is a night life partying concept is also inspired by EXO-SC's debut single, "What A Life". EXO-SC is EXO's second subunit after EXO-CBX, with Sehun and Chanyeol as the members, and hip hop as their main genre. The debut single "What A Life" centers on how they spend their life working and partying--visualized in the music video as well, and we're trying to make the MV comes to life with this event, with our own unique way of course.

As Chanyeol is already close to his 27th year, and some of his fans have also grown up into adults and perhaps living the "What A Life" MV lifestyle, this party is aimed to those fans of his⁠—and maybe non fans as well, to have fun while also celebrating his birthday.

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