Urban Fantasy that blends elements of spy-thrillers and mythology.

Urban Fantasy that blends elements of spy-thrillers and mythology.

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Welcome to the world of Helios!

Intense action. Thrilling mystery. Superpowers. Romance. This is what awaits you in my brand new series!

I am creating an Urban Fantasy that blends elements of spy thrillers and mythology. What kind of mythology, you ask? Well, I am going to explore the myths from around the world; from African to Greek to Hindu to Indonesian! You are going to see characters, creatures, and mythical beings from ancient tales, all set in a fantastical modern-day setting.

The Story

The story itself is set in the modern world, where human beings continue to live in ignorance of the kinds of entities that live among them. 

And in this world, we welcome our protagonist, Maitho Oruba.

Maitho is the descendant of Olofin-Orun, the African God of foresight. And he has only one month left to live.

To extend his life, he has to save a victim of a crime from meeting an untimely death. Only then can he live for one more month. Then the cycle repeats itself again.

But Maitho finds out that he is not alone. There are other descendants, of gods from practically every pantheon in existence. Not all of them have noble intentions. Not all of them are going to play by the rules.

Now Maitho wants to challenge the will of the gods, all the while battling powerful forces in the shadows and his own comrades.

Because the conclusion is that he either gets his freedom back. Or dies trying.

Your Support

What will your support help with?

Firstly, I will be able to get an editor. Because I work full-time, I don't have enough opportunities to check my work and make sure that it has received the magical touch of an editor (trust me, no matter how good you think you are, you always need an editor). I want to solely focus on the story while I the editor I hire can help me with word choices, plot continuation, and all the little intricacies that make a story engaging to read.

Secondly, I will be able to have more time to write! I want to slowly remove some of the timings from the full-time job and put more focus on this story. I will be able to create more books in the series faster (if I receive the minimum goal), because I can take a break from my work to provide my complete attention to the story. I have plots and subplots planned out for the next 5 books. The freedom to devote more time to this story allows me to think about ways to create new and interesting characters, and increase the scale of the story.

Finally, I will be able to support you all in many other ways. I want to open Discord servers to help other writers reach their goals, hire artists to create book and character artwork (which you guys will receive), and even start a YouTube channel to support other writers (might need to get some basic equipment for that). 

I have already released the first 3 chapters, which are absolutely FREE for reading (links are given below). If you enjoy reading them, then consider supporting the work.

Read a Few Chapters

Want to read a few chapters from the story? Check them out below:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


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