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Revenge The Fate sudah mulai berkarya sejak tahun 2009. Menurut kamu, lagu mana yang menjadi lagu favorit kamu? Buat yang sudah mengisi polling, kamu berkesempatan untuk mendaptkan merchandise Revenge The Fate dari Kolase.com

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Tentang Revenge The Fate

Formed in July 5th 2009. Until now the formation is Anggi (Vocal), Sona (Bass), Gery (Guitar), Mow (Guitar) and Zacky (Drums). Their debut album “Redemption” releases on July 10th 2014. “Bencana ” releases on February 22th 2017 and Continuous releases on May 13th 2018 . Our latest single “Paranoid” released on Nov 12th 2018 taken from “Awakening”. “?????????” is our latest album, officially released on 10/11/18. After a long waiting for our new record, we’ve finally come to a new stage of beginning for our new future.

Yes this “?????????” is just a start for many more great things to come. Gratefully to announce that we are proud to be a part of #backsightrecords . Thank you @backsight.inc for helping us making this record possible to happen. And also very thankful to @impactstudiosweespecially @buster.odeholm whom perfectly deliver the crushing tones to make this record more brutal than it is. But mostly thanks to all #rtfcolony for standing beside us in the past few years. There won’t be any “?????????” if you guys were not there for us.

Sumber: http://revengethefate.com/aboutandcontact/



*Buat yang sudah mengisi polling, kamu berkesempatan untuk mendaptkan merchandise Revenge The Fate dari Kolase.com

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Febi Prayoga 1 year ago


Duta Sampo Lain 1 year ago

All broken by hate my favorites :)

Daffa aprilio 1 year ago

Bencana best song:)

Nuha Nailul Izza 1 year ago

Enormity sakit bgt nih lagu, apalagi pas lirik " this is too much tears have dried from our eyes and we can't live this life" bikin semangat. Dr segi musikalitas the best laa ?

addarojatul ula 1 year ago

Follow, Like, comment, isi polling udah semua. semoga beruntung, pilih gw ya bang satria haha

Didi tarsadi 1 year ago

Yg gue suka sih lagu yg breakdown nya terdengar sekali drum nya sehingga kita bisa loncat" dan menganggukan kepala hehehe yaitu seperti ambisi,continuous,bencana,kashmir,pembalasan,dan poseidon


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